Monday, September 22, 2008

Bulbasaur pokemon costume for halloween (photo)

Bulbasaur, originally uploaded by sdrj1.

This was a homemade costume (looks as if ti was sewn) and well, sewing machines are past my skill as a creative person, so I was thinking about how you could put this cute costume together for the bulbasaur in your life. (though this costume looks cozy!)

Okay, long sleeve green shirt and light blue fleece vest and hat. On the fleece hat, sew, glue, or safety pin little spots on it. Get a green backpack or green pillowcase & pillow and pin, sew, or strap it on to blue vest (that will make the bulb in the back).

This cutie added green mardi gras plastic beads to spice things up. You can paint your face or not.

There it is, a do-it-yourself, easy bulbasaur costume for the little pokemon in your life.

I have many more pokemon costumes throughout thsi site, so feel free to browse.

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