Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Pokemon Father's Day

Proud father, originally uploaded by dcstep.

Proud dad in Tokyo Japan with his two Pokemon fans in their matching Pikachu hats. too cute!

Happy Father's day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Eevee Has 7 Evolutions! Birthday cake (photo)

Eevee Has 7 Evolutions!, originally uploaded by opencontent.

Pokemon birthday cake of Eevee

Pikachu Sneakers for Kids

Pikachu Sneakers for Kids, originally uploaded by kimmaki.

Pokemon shoes for kids. You can probably get these at Target or a store like it. Or anywhere in Japan.

Painted squirtle shoes (photo)

Painted squirtle shoes, originally uploaded by pipa978.

Handpainted Squirtle shoes! Very cool!! Amazing job!

slip on Pokemon shoes.

Way too cute Pokemon Umbrella (photo)

Torchic & Pikachu umbrella! very cute and spring like!

Pikachu Umbrella (photo)

Pikachu Umbrella, originally uploaded by tnargrant117.

This is hilarious!!

"OMG, does she not realize Pikachu is an electric type?!"

Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen shirt (back)

Staff shirt in orange

Pokémon Shirts (photo)

Pokémon Shirts, originally uploaded by pat7047.

From the Pokemon store in NYC. Pikachu & others... t-shirts

pokeball knit hat (photo) with link to pattern

pokeball hat, originally uploaded by AndyLyn.

Knit your own Pokeball hat for your favorite pokemon fan!! Wow!

The pattern is here:
(if you don't have an acct. you'll need to sign up, but it's very easy!)

Keywords: pokemon knitting, pokeball hat knitting patterns,

Cute blue mudkip hat!!

Cute widdle mudkip, originally uploaded by icantcu.

Everyone needs a pokemon hat!

Pikachu cookie

Pikachu cookie, originally uploaded by tooncesleo.

Pokemon Edible Cookies (photo)

Many Pokemon characters here-- turtwig, butterfree, some eevee evolutions,torchic

vanilla cookies with icing & edible

pokemon Pokeballs cookies

pokemon balls, originally uploaded by lisas cakes.

Great cookies!

photo note:

pokeball cookies that I was hoping to make for my sons birthday party but ran out of time. Never mind the kids can eat them on their lunch!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Turtwig Birthday Cake (photo)

Turtwig Appelcake Jason 9j, originally uploaded by semivi.

Darling Turtwig Pokemon cake!! Appelcake!

Very cute! Love this .

tertwig cake, applecake pokemon

Pokemon birthday cake (photo)

Pokemon cake, originally uploaded by Kara Boo-Boo.

I'm not sure why pikachu is on a red and white target, but very cute pikachu!! It looks like it's moving.

Fantastic pokemon cake: Snorlax (photo)

Wow! I"ve never seen a Pokemon cake like this!! WOW!

In the corner is the Snorlax... and on the cake board is my cake take on it... underneath the colored marshmallow fondant is a hemisphere shaped vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream.

Pokemon Shaymin cake ! (photo)

Shaymin cake !, originally uploaded by nonochan.

Very cute shamin cake from pokemon. If you love hedgehog pokemon!

shaymin birthday cake

Pikachu Cake (photo)

Pikachu Cake, originally uploaded by anothernerdygirl.

Hawaiian pikachu cake with flower icing lei & green icing grass skirt

Pokemon birthday cakes, tropical pikachu


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