Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pokemon: Pikachu SlippersPokemon: Pikachu Slippers

Pikachu slippers for your favorite Pokemon fan!  A great birthday gift!

Pokemon HeartGold VersionPokemon HeartGold Version Share

This just came out for the DS!  Pokemon HeartGold game.  

Pokemon Birthday Cake

Pokemon Birthday Cake, originally uploaded by drakegore.


Photo note: Pokemon birthday cake for my son's 7th birthday! Swiss meringue buttercream with fondant accents and figures. A big thank you to Maria (cheekysweets) for graciously letting me use her wonderful cake as my primary inspiration. Another big thank you to Alana Hodgson for helping me figure out the big pokeball and to Carolyn (carolyn1849) for her tips on doing the letters!

10th Anniversary Pokemon Hummer

10th Anniversary Pokemon Hummer, originally uploaded by AzyxA.

Pokemon birthday cake bolo (photo)

Pokemon cake/bolo, originally uploaded by Dragonfly Doces.

Pokemon cake/bolo

A Pokemon cake with gumpaste figurines of Pachirisu, Latius, Giratina and Shaymin.

Um bolo com o tema Pokemon com bonecos feitos de pasta americana de Pachirisu, Latius, Giratina e Shaymin.

Pokemon Path

Pokemon Path, originally uploaded by Yoshi Gizmo.

PHoto note:

otsuba slowly walked up the slope, she was getting very tired. Finally at the top, Yotsuba saw a huge field filled with Pokemon. "The Onion-girl was right, Pokemon do run wild here," Yotsuba said. Exhausted but happy that her journey was almost over, Yotsuba ran down the hill.
At the bottom of the slope, she found a path with lots of Pokemon on it. As she passed through the crowd of Pokemon, the Pokemon started to surround her. The Pokemon seemed angry, but Yotsuba didn't do anything, or did she?

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