Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Reluctant Pikachu - Pokemon Dog Costume for Halloween (photo)

Reluctant Pikachu, originally uploaded by rhi rhi.

Boston Terrier as Pikachu. You can see how pleased she looks.

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Pokemon Pumpkin Patch (photo)

Pokemon Pumpkins, originally uploaded by pup ajax.

Grandpa Kevin's Pumpkin Patch
Stonestown Galleria
San Francisco, CA

with cut out Wooden Pokemon including Pikachu

Pokemon Master Halloween Costume (photo)

Pokemon Master, originally uploaded by miss elisa.

with giant piplup

Halloween Pikachu in Jack o Lantern Plush (photo)

Halloween Pikachu, originally uploaded by PokePlushProject.

Company: Pokemon Center
Set: Halloween Special
Year: 2009
Size: Small-medium
Made in: Japan

Veyr cute Pikachu in Pichu plus pumpkin

Notched Ear Pichu Pumpkin for Halloween 2009

Company: Pokemon Center
Set: Halloween Special
Year: 2009
Size: Small
Made in: Japan

Jack-o-lantern Pichu plush

Friday, September 4, 2009

Pokeball birthday cake (photo)

Pokeball birthday cake, originally uploaded by Rebecca_Cakes.

Pokemon birthday cake. I think the Pokeball is the easiest to do of all Pokemon cakes. it looks great!

Keywords kid's birthday parties, DIY pokemon cakes, do it yourself pokeball cakes.

Pokemon Birthday Invitation (pokemon card) - photo

my sons birthday card, originally uploaded by 54kr1.

If you have Photoshop, you can do this yourself,

basically go online and find a card (or use this one) and put your child's photo in and your info.

Cute idea for a pokemon birthday invitation and cute keepsake as well.

Keywords; Ideas for pokemon birthday, DIY Pokemon birthday parties, invites, invitations pokemon

POKEMON CAKE & cupcakes birthday party (photo)

POKEMON CAKE & PARTY COLLAGE, originally uploaded by bake-a-boo.

Another Pokemon Pikachu birthdya.

If you're in London England, here's the place to go--

Children's parties and personalised cupcakes

Lovingly baked by bake-a-boo
bake shop & tea room - 86 Mill Lane, London NW6 1NL

Keywords: Pokemon in the UK, London England.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Umbreon bento box

Umbreo bento, originally uploaded by nonochan.

What the kids are eating for back to school-- Umbreo bento!

with pokeball


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