Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pokemon Mudkip Cake (photo)

ANother cute idea for a birthday party and maybe a girl's birthday who loves POKEMON.

Here's Mudkip on a heart-shaped white and blue cake. Very cute!

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Poke ball wit Pikachu sitting on top! (photo of birthday cake)

IMG_0475, originally uploaded by Celebrate With A Cake.

Pikachu birthday cake, on a pokeball!

homemade pokemon pokeball pinata (photo)

IMG_0019, originally uploaded by anord.

Great idea for a birthday party, a homemade Pokeball pinata!

Basically, you just need a big round balloon to cover with newpaper and the paste for paper mache' - Paint half red, half white and your black line white circle and you're done!

a fun activity for you and your child who is a Pokemon fan!

You coudl also do a series of smaller ones if you like.

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Pokemon Cakes (photo)

Pokemon birthday cakes - Pikachu, piplup, empolean and others make up these cakes and according to the photo note, these were homemade! Fantastic!

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