Tuesday, May 19, 2009

pokemon balls cookies (photo)

pokemon balls, originally uploaded by lisas cakes.

Pokeball cookies! Wow, they look great!


pukeymon (lol) ball cookies that I was hoping to make for my sons birthday party but ran out of time. Never mind the kids can eat them on their lunch!

Pokeball Cake (photo)

IMG_3348.JPG, originally uploaded by chq.

Easy cake, just need red and white frosting (or two cans of white plus red food coloring in one), plus black icing and a round cake tin! That's it! (plus cake batter of course).

They made cupcakes too. very cute !!


pokemon_birthday_cake, originally uploaded by dpasteles.

with Pikachu, and others.

Raichu Cake (photo)

Raichu, originally uploaded by LD COMMERCIAL ART.

This is my second sculpted cake. It is from Pokemon - Raichu. It was a chocolate cake with marshmallow fondant for my son's birthday.

Dialga - Legendary Pokemon Birthday cake (photo)

Another pokemon cake!


another fondant cake....and by the way, the blue Dialga itself is also fondant I cut out and " glued " on the top of the white fondant....

Pikachu Pokemon Birthday Cake - The Sugar Me Bakery


Very fun pokemon cake with tie-dye cupcakes.

Pokeball Cake (photo)

Pokeball Cake, originally uploaded by nbarinque.

LOVE this Pokemon cake! And lovely lettering for a 6 year old!

Very lovely.

Pokemon Cake with dancing Pikachu and Pikchus (photo)

Pokemon Cake, originally uploaded by sjphughes.

Nice sun rainbow in the back.

Pokemon birthday cake ideas.

Shaymin cake ! (photo)

Shaymin cake !, originally uploaded by nonochan.

Pokemon Shamin birthday cake! Too cute! Made with cut fondant.

Pokemon Birthday cake

Pokemon Birthday cake, originally uploaded by harebender1.

Photo note:
Vanilla and chocolate cake with butter cream frosting and fondant/gumpaste decorations.

Hawaiian Pikachu Birthday Cake (photo)

I Choose You!, originally uploaded by anothernerdygirl.

I Choose You!

Looks as if Pika is ready for a luau! Very cute and I like the white instead of yellow in this case.


Cupcakes-Pokemon for Mischa, originally uploaded by janlim2007.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pokemon Card

Pokemon Card, originally uploaded by alexthakid.

ha ha very funny!

Custom Game Cards

Custom Game Cards, originally uploaded by motoed.

ok real lv.x cards are3d and a stronger so hello here!

Pokemon Cards 132/365

Pokemon Cards 132/365, originally uploaded by lisamello.

Jigglypuff card

PHoto note: Pokemon Cards 132/365

I found my old pokemon cards the other day.
Jigglypuff was glad to see her card, and Wigglytuff is still looking for hers....I think I gave it away :P


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