Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This Pikachu birthday cake plus strawberries (photo)

Originally uploaded by creamsandcakes
This cake made me smile wiht Pikachu looking so guilty as he eats a cherry. T he cake is decorated with strawberries and white frosting.

Very cute pikachue birthday cake.

More POkemon and Pikachu birthday cakes throughout this blog. Feel free to browse.

Wow, Impressive Pikachu Birthday Cake (photo)

Originally uploaded by brooke noelle
If you're looking for ideas for pikachu birthday cakes, here's a great one! is that fondant? What clean frosting!

Very cute

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Japanese POKEMON Fruit Cake

Originally uploaded by kimmaki
This is actually a Merry Christmas strawberry and cream cake from Japan (I love the Pikachu timer/clock next to it). I wish they sold stuff like this in teh states!

Small plastic pokemon figures on top. Buneary and piplup. Too cute.

Keywords: Japanese food pokemon cake, Christmas cakes, pokemon food from Japan

Fantastic Pokemon fondant Birthday Cake! WOW (photo)

Originally uploaded by alana_hodgson
Pokemon birthday cake includes Ash, Pikachu, Piplup, and a giant pokeball.

Details on the cake--

10" and 6" ball of chocolate cake with chocolate icing under fondant. Gumpaste figures, and embellishment.

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Super cute Pikachu Round Cake (Photo)

again Picachu
Originally uploaded by Nuha Cakes
Picachu cake, Yellow picachu on blue frosting.

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Round Pikachu Cake (photo)

Avery, Daddy and the cake
Originally uploaded by bearbun5
Easy Pikachu round cake (yellow frosting and pink cheeks) maybe add cupcakes for the ears?

Pokemon cake

Very Cute Pikachu Cake

Pikachu Cake
Originally uploaded by specialcakes/tracey
Birthday cake for a 6 year old's birthday!

Yellow Pikachu on pink cake.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Pokemon Curry YAAAAAY! (photo)

Pokemon Curry YAAAAAY!
Originally uploaded by TIRO!
Box of Pikachu Pokemon curry at the grocery store.

Pokemon Charamander Birthday cake (photo)

Originally uploaded by errol berrol
Fantastic Charamander birthdaycake, orange and yellow mostly with some black, red for the fire and blue writing.


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Pikachu Pok'emon Instant Noodle

Pokemon Pika-chu instant noodles! Or what we call cup of noodles.

The little pikachu is so cute!

Peek-Cow-Chu (cow as Pikachu) photo

Originally uploaded by canadianlookin
I believe this photo is from Canada. Pikachu as a cow named "Peek COW Chu"

Not so punny. Oh no, who's the ad genius behind this one! (I believe this is a type of ice cream flavor.)

It's Pikachu ice cream! (photo)

It's Pikachu ice cream!
Originally uploaded by dejahthoris
Pokemon Pikachu icecream-- Pikachu on a stick! No foolin'.

Pokemon Ice Cream Truck (photo)

Ice Cream Van
Originally uploaded by jan.gosmann
Check out this Vella Tanti Pokemon Ice Cream Van with Pikachu, Eevee, Ash, Charamander (right front) and others.

Don't see these very often!

Where's Pikachu? (photo) Pikachu homemade cookies.

Japanese homemade cookies
Originally uploaded by KSNMK
Japanese homemade cookies. Cute Pokemon Pikachu here in the mix!


Where's Pikachu? (photo) Pikachu homemade cookies.

Japanese homemade cookies
Originally uploaded by KSNMK
Japanese homemade cookies. Cute Pokemon Pikachu here in the mix!


edible Pokemon photo cookies

edible photo cookies
Originally uploaded by Lily's Homemade
Bulbasaur and others on these POkemon cookies.

From the photographer:

ini adalah edible dari karakter pokemon yang lagi digandrungi anak-anak cowok ... bisa diganti dengan karakter lain sesuai tokoh favorit atau foto pemesan

edible Pokemon photo cookies

edible photo cookies
Originally uploaded by Lily's Homemade
Bulbasaur and others on these POkemon cookies.

Store bought Pikachu cookie wafer (photo)

Originally uploaded by DVANT
Winking Pikachu from Pokemon on this round cookie wafer sugar cookie.

Very cute!

PikaaaaH - CHU! Pikachu cookie -finished product! (photo)

PikaaaaH - CHU!
Originally uploaded by abbynormy
Here's Pikachu after he's all colored in. See below for the before picture

Pokemon cookie.

Pokemon Pikachu do-it-yourself cookie (photo)

Best Birthday Present Ever!
Originally uploaded by abbynormy
Cookie with food coloring pens. No kidding!

Color in pikachu, then eat!

Pikachu cupcake (photo)

Pikachu cupcake for Darren
Originally uploaded by Wai Fun
Another Pikachu cupcake with rainbow dots

keywords: pokemon cupcakes, homemade cupcakes, pokemon birthday parties

Very cute and easy Pikachu cupcakes (photo)

Originally uploaded by johnlm04
What you need-- yellow frosting (or white frosting and yellow food coloring), 2 red hots (or red M&Ms), black icing and white frosting for dots in the eyes.

Easy to do!

Keywords; Pokemon birthday parties, pikachu cupcakes, pokemon kid's stuff

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Piplup Pinata! (photo)

Originally uploaded by **tWo pInK pOSsuMs**
Oh birthday parties! Take your favorite pokemon character and pound it with a stick. But these pokemon pinatas are favorites.

You can learn how to make your own PIKACHU PINATA here:

Or buy a kinder, gentler pull Pokemon Pikachu pinata here:

Pikachu Birthday Cake (Photo)

Originally uploaded by **tWo pInK pOSsuMs**
Chocolate cake under tons of icing, this darling Pikachu birthday cake!

Keywords: Pokemon birthday party

pokemon hairpins (photo)

pokemon hairpins2
Originally uploaded by AlbertFamily
Hair pins with Eevee, pikachu, jigglypuff, piplup, and others...

pokemon hairpins (photo) TORCHIC!

pokemon hairpins1
Originally uploaded by AlbertFamily
Of course, Pokemon hair pins! Similar to a barrette.

more photos below.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time

Looks what's out as of APril 20, 2008--

Strategy Guide
Explorer's Guide

You can choose Time or Darkness. We started with TIME. Oh the marketeers of Pokemon really know how to stretch your wallet!

But enjoy!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pokemon Birthday Cake with Torchic

birthday cake
Originally uploaded by GABURU
Strawberry and cream Pokemon Birthday Cake with Torchick in cookie.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Eevee Bell Plush Toy (photo)

Eevee Bell Plush
Originally uploaded by PokePlushProject
Info on this from the Flickr blog--

Eevee Bell Plush
Company: Banpresto
Set: Bell plush
Year: 1998
Size: Small
Made in: Japan

The bell plush series (Suzunari Pokemon) were arcade prizes in Japan. They are called bell plush because at the top of the plush, a bell is attached to the string loop.

This looks like a red eevee

keywords: pokemon, pokeman, evee, eeve, evie, evey

Eevee Blanket

Eevee Blanket
Originally uploaded by PokePlushProject
Pokemon pokeman blanket made in japan

Giant Huge Eevee Plush Toy

Giant Huge Eevee
Originally uploaded by PokePlushProject
Super huge Pokemon eeve toy!

Keywords; pokemon, pokeman, evie, evee, eevee

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Link to How to Throw the Best Pokemon Birthday Party Ever!

Pokemon Birthday Ideas:

Browse throughout this blog to find lots of photos of real Pokemon birthday cakes and cupcakes.

Keywords: Pokemon cakse, Pokeman cupcakes, Pokemon theme birthday party ideas

Very Cool Pokemon Pokeball Birthday cake with Ash, Piplup & PIkachu (photo)

Originally uploaded by alana_hodgson
The baker writes:

"10" and 6" ball of chocolate cake with chocolate icing under fondant. Gumpaste figures, and embellishment. "

Keywords; Pokeman birthday party, pokeman cake, Pokemon birthday cake ideas,

many more Pokemon Birthdaycake ideas on this blog.

Charizar Birthday Cake POKEMON ideas (photo)

Originally uploaded by The Cake Meister
Another great birthday cake. Check out this blog for lots of photos of different Pokemon birthday cakes, Pokemon and Pokeball cupcake ideas.

Keywords: Charazar, Pokeman, Pokemon Birthday Theme Parties, cake decorating

Mew Pokemon Birthday Cake! (photo)

Originally uploaded by kaizokurisu
Pink, white and black is all you need for this one!

Great decorating on this MEW POkemon birthday cake.

Keywords: pokeman mew two cake, pink mew cake, cat cake, pokemon birthday ideas theme parties

Very cute Pokemon Pokeball Birthday cake (photo)

Pokemon Cake 2
Originally uploaded by fun4gitti
Steven turns 10 and here's his Pokemon cake!

Round cake with chocolate frosting.

Pokemon Cake - $45

Pokemon Cake - $45
Originally uploaded by katiekins77
2-Layer Filled Cake. Single ayer $35

Pikachu Cakes for sale, it seems!

See more of this baker's work by clicking on her Flickr link.

Pikachu birthday cake ideas.

Pokemon Birthday Cake (photo)

Pokemon Cake
Originally uploaded by melotteyba
Baker writes:

Chocolate and Vanilla cake with chocolate and mint filling covered with marshmallow fondant

(((Pikachu, Girafarig, and a giant pokeball.

pokemon dark rye Cake!

Birthday cake with Darkrye!

Lovely chocolate Darkry birthday cake.

More pokemon birthday cakes throughout this blog. Pokeman birthday cake

Espeon Cake (photo)

Noelle's Espeon Cake
Originally uploaded by opencontent
Lovely! And so sweet!

The Pokemon Espeon cake.

Keywords: pokeman birthday cakes.

Birthday party ideas for Pokemon parties.

Pokemon Birthday Cake (photo)

mitchells pokemon
Originally uploaded by alana_hodgson
The baker writes:

8" round covered in fondant. Gumpaste figure and decoration. The pokeball is fondant covered styrofoam.

Keywords: Pokeman cakes, pokeman birthday parties, pokeman pokeball birthday cake

POKÉMON Cake using Fondant (Photo)

Originally uploaded by fati dream cakes
Gorgeous blue Pokemon cake with Pikachu, pokeballs, and what looks like Brock, but could be the birthday boy (Kaito!)

More ideas throughout this blog on cupcakes and Pokemon birthday cakes.

Two Layer Chocolate Pokemon cake

Pokemon cake
Originally uploaded by christie's cakes
Great birthday cake with charamander, pikachu and others!

Search this blog for other images and ideas for Pokemon cakes and cupcakes.

Let's Battle Birthday Cake! (photo)

Let's Battle Cake!
Originally uploaded by hazelpethig
More photos on this blog of different Pokemon cakes and cupcakes! YUM!

pokemon and hello kitty cake

Pikachu's eyes look insane, but two cool cakes from a San Fransisco bakery to give you ideas for a Pokemon birthday party.

Awesome Mudkip Pokemon Cake (photo)

Mudkip/Pokemon Cake
Originally uploaded by ceciles-custom-cakes
What a great birthday cake of MUDKIP!

keywords: Pokeman cakes, pokemon cakes

Easy Pokeball Cupcakes! (photo)

01282007 001
Originally uploaded by ck1sizzle
Need to have--

red sprinkles, white frosting, chocolate piping/icing, and yellow M&Ms for center. That's it!

Quick and easy!!

There are many more photos of Pokeball cupcakes on this blog.

Keywords: Pokeman cupcakes, Pokeman birthday themes, party, Pokeman cakes


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