Saturday, October 8, 2011

Charizard, a Pokemon Dragon

Charizard, a Pokemon Dragon by riz94107
Charizard, a Pokemon Dragon, a photo by riz94107 on Flickr.

Cute costume for kids and WARM!

Pokemon Trainer

Pokemon Trainer by San Diego Shooter
Pokemon Trainer, a photo by San Diego Shooter on Flickr.

"Dawn" Pokemon Trainer Costume DIY

"Dawn" by Shopping Diva
"Dawn", a photo by Shopping Diva on Flickr.

Homemade Pokemon Trainer costume for Halloween! DAWN! SO cute!!

Love the hat!

Via Flickr:
dressed up as Dawn from Pokemon for Halloween.

Another cute Pikachu

IMG_1915 by jbncphoto
IMG_1915, a photo by jbncphoto on Flickr.


Super Cute DIY PIkachu costume for girls

IMG_1962 by jbncphoto
IMG_1962, a photo by jbncphoto on Flickr.

Love this. Easy, sporty and cute!

Pokecrawl Team Snorlax

Pokecrawl Team Snorlax by sewing punzie
Pokecrawl Team Snorlax, a photo by sewing punzie on Flickr.

Snorlax Costume with video game sign.

Via Flickr:
A member of Team Snorlax on the pre-PAX pokecrawl.

Scoliopede from pokemon white/black

Another idea for a Pokemon Halloween Costume


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Pikachu in the Candy-- Pokemon

Pokemon by MJ/TR (´・ω・)
Pokemon, a photo by MJ/TR (´・ω・) on Flickr.

Pokemon Cupcakes...

Via Flickr:
My niece turns 7 tomorrow. Pokemon is all the rage among this age group. I know cause my almost 7 year-old is obsessed with collecting the cards. He doesn't know how to play yet, at this age, it's all about the quantity you have and the special X cards which I understand are extremely rare. I pilfered some of his cards to find some designs for these cupcakes for my niece's birthday.

pokemon_ds sleeve pokeball

pokemon_ds by jenbooks
pokemon_ds, a photo by jenbooks on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Bought this DS sleeve on Etsy! A pokemon sleeve for my pokemon DS.

DIY Pokemon box Handpainted for Pokemon cards

Pokemon box by brandelion
Pokemon box, a photo by brandelion on Flickr.

Cool do-it-yourself Pokemon!

Via Flickr:
Roo has taken up the hobby of collecting & trading Pokemon cards. She asked me for something to store them in - I found a plain, small box, and painted it Pokemon for her. I like doing this kind of stuff, it makes me feel useful. :)


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