Tuesday, January 31, 2012

pikachu slippers!~

pikachu slippers!~ by HakunaOhana
pikachu slippers!~, a photo by HakunaOhana on Flickr.


pokemon Pichu bubbles

27/365 - Pichu bubbles by JeffGamble
27/365 - Pichu bubbles, a photo by JeffGamble on Flickr.

This would make a cute background or wallpaper

Nicely done!

Via Flickr:
Always thought waterdrop pics were neat, so I thought I'd try one. Pikachu was handy, so he got to be the subject.

Pikachu Head

Pikachu Head by klonoaxero
Pikachu Head, a photo by klonoaxero on Flickr.

That is one large Pokemon.

Via Flickr:
Taken at the 2012 Columbus Ohio Ohayocon.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jigglypuff Cake (pokemon birthdays)

Jigglypuff Cake by k0sm1k
Jigglypuff Cake, a photo by k0sm1k on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Cute and tasty, just in time for Pokemon Diamond & Pearl release.
Took me and a friend 5 hours to make.

pikachu cake

pikachu cake by **tWo pInK pOSsuMs**
pikachu cake, a photo by **tWo pInK pOSsuMs** on Flickr.

WOW! nice job on the birthday cake!

Via Flickr:
the birthday cake I made for my daughter's 9th birthday Pikachu her favourite Pokemon. He is chocolate cake under tons of icing!!!

DIY Piplup Pinata

pinata by **tWo pInK pOSsuMs**
pinata, a photo by **tWo pInK pOSsuMs** on Flickr.

See the 1/12/12 post on DIY pinatas using a baseball pinata and painting, this is the same technique. GREAT idea!

Via Flickr:
the pinata we made for Bel's birthday. She painted it as one of her favourite Pokemon - Piplup

Pokemon cupcakes for a birthday boy


Via Flickr:
Selection of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with hand made Pokemon decorations.

I had no idea who all these little characters are, my sons are too young (yet) to be in to them... I know Pikachu, but that's it....

Pokeball Pinata -Do-It-Yourself Pokemon Pinata

Pokeball Pinata by pillarofblue
Pokeball Pinata, a photo by pillarofblue on Flickr.

Basically buy a baseball pinata at the store, take off all the black lines and paint it to look like a POKEBALL! Such a great idea!

See post below on 1/12/12 for a photo of it in the making.

Via Flickr:
It came out so good. He loved it.

DIY Making the Pokeball Pinata

Making the Pinata by pillarofblue
Making the Pinata, a photo by pillarofblue on Flickr.

What a GREAT idea! (and you don't hit Pikachu with a bat which seems mean).

Via Flickr:
For Derek's 6th birthday he had a pokemon theme. He wanted a pinata. We bought a base ball pinata. Took off the red stripes for the ball and then glued on red tissue paper.

Pokemon UFO Catcher

Pokemon UFO Catcher by persocomholic
Pokemon UFO Catcher, a photo by persocomholic on Flickr.

Pikachu and friends wait for "The Claw"

Pikachu Birthday Cake

Pikachu Cake by jw4lk
Pikachu Cake, a photo by jw4lk on Flickr.

So cute! Pokemon birthdays

Pikachu Cookies

Pikachu Cookies by jw4lk
Pikachu Cookies, a photo by jw4lk on Flickr.

These are adorable!!

Via Flickr:
My son loves Pikachu, but really, who doesn't? So of course I made him Pikachu cookies for his birthday.

Pikachu Pinata

Farley takes aim by TheNickster
Farley takes aim, a photo by TheNickster on Flickr.

We love you so much we will beat you with a stick and steal your inner candy.

Pokemon Birthday party ideas

Dude, not even close

Dude, not even close by TheNickster
Dude, not even close, a photo by TheNickster on Flickr.

Pin the tail on Pikachu - Pokemon Birthday parties

You and What Army

You and What Army by Thomas Hawk
You and What Army, a photo by Thomas Hawk on Flickr.

Pez Party-- Find Pikachu.

Where's Pikachu?


Domo (not pokemon) but cool

Domo by donbuciak
Domo, a photo by donbuciak on Flickr.

Japanese anime

Via Flickr:
Not a great pic....

Cutout Domo to serve 30.

Snorlax Birthday Cake (Pokemon)

Snorlax by donbuciak
Snorlax, a photo by donbuciak on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Served 20.
Setup by Dan, deco by Don

Munchlax's loves Apples!

Munchlax's loves Apples! by crdotx
Munchlax's loves Apples!, a photo by crdotx on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Munchlax meet apple! Nom, Nom, Nom!

Pokémon disco

Gif Pokémon by faseextra
Gif Pokémon, a photo by faseextra on Flickr.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


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