Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pokeball Pinata -Do-It-Yourself Pokemon Pinata

Pokeball Pinata by pillarofblue
Pokeball Pinata, a photo by pillarofblue on Flickr.

Basically buy a baseball pinata at the store, take off all the black lines and paint it to look like a POKEBALL! Such a great idea!

See post below on 1/12/12 for a photo of it in the making.

Via Flickr:
It came out so good. He loved it.


Anonymous said...

Awesome idea! Been looking for a Pokeball pinata & it seemed I was going to have to make one for my son's 7th bday. Your idea is great! Thanks for sharing! Now on a hunt to find a baseball pinata...

Kelly said...

You are very welcome! Happy to help!

Anonymous said...

The baseball to Pokeball pinata conversion worked out awesomely. Would love to send you pics but I'm not sure how. Thanks again! I felt like Martha Stewart!

Kelly said...

So glad it was helpful! We'll call you martha now!


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