Monday, January 4, 2010

Lego Pokéball open (photo)

Pokéball open, originally uploaded by .Jake.


Photo note:

As well as being trueish to the anime, The travises with the rods through them strengthen the structure.

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Pokéball Lego

Pokéball close fit, originally uploaded by .Jake.

Photo note:

Alakazam was originally meant to fit inside the Pokéball, but it's close. If I pull the legs off and put both bits in seperately, it fits tthen.

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Pokéball out of Legos

Pokéball (1), originally uploaded by .Jake.

PHoto note:

did this on LDD a while ago, and this afternoon, bored of sorting, I managed to make this. some minor differences from the LDD model, but nothing major.


Very cool pokeball out of legos

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