Monday, June 23, 2008

pokemon pikachu cupcakes (photo)

pokemon pikachu cupcakes
Originally uploaded by kmm82878
All the pikachus are made our of Royal icing so it is totally edible

24 Pikachu cupcakes!

great idea for a pokemon birthday party!

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Fantastic pokemon cupcakes (photo)

pokemon cupcakes
Originally uploaded by kellysweetrewards
Patchirisu, Jigglypuff, Turtwig, Munchlax, all the pokemon human characters, Ash, May, Brock cupcakes.

Pokemon cupcakes, Ideas for pokemon birthdays

Good Friends Eevee Puppet (photo)

Company: ????
Set: Good friends puppet
Year: 2007
Size: Small-medium
Made in: Japan


Eevee plush toy puppet from Pokemon show, made in Japan

Empoleon Pokemon Birthday Cake (photo)

Empoleon Cake
Originally uploaded by ksclowbrass212
Pretty impressive blue Empoleon Birthday cake!

Keywords: Pokemon Character Birthday party cakes, Empoleon cake, Empolean cake

Koro to Manmaru Empoleon UFO (photo)

Company: Banpresto
Set: Koro to Manmaru UFO Catcher
Year: 2007-2008
Size: Small medium
Made in: Japan

Keywords: Pokemon stuffed toys, Empolean, Empoleon toy

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Homemade Shaymin! (photo)

Originally uploaded by starsncrap
Created from fabric.

Hedgehog Pokemon. Hand made. Handmade.

Shaymin Pokemon Plush Toy from Japan - second photo

Shaymin a powerful grass type POkemon, the second event pokemon is very hard to get. Shaymin is a hedgehog

Company: Takara Tomy
Set: Oshaberi
Year: 2008
Size: Medium
Made in: Japan

Shaymin Pokemon Plush Toy from Japan (photo)

This is the cutest Pokemon Plush Toy- Shaymin, is a powerful grass type Pokemon. It is also a Hedgehog bush Pokemon.

There is a new movie coming out with Shaymin.

Company: Takara Tomy
Set: Oshaberi
Year: 2008
Size: Medium
Made in: Japan

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Best Pokemon Birthday Invitation ever! (photo)

Originally uploaded by ♥♥ انجليك ♥♥
The creative folks behind this Birthday invitation made a Pokemon invitation to look like real Pokemon card.

A fire type Pokemon birthday boy!

Keywords: Pokemon birthday invitations, pokemon card invitation

jolteon Pokemon cake! (photo)

jolteon cake!
Originally uploaded by alice.muss
STill another idea for those who are fans of Pokemon and Eevee,

check out this yellow and white Pokemon cake with pokeball, though I think I would have put the pokeball in front of this pokemon character.

White Pikachu Birthday cake (photo)

birthday cake
Originally uploaded by Kumatora
Beautiful White Pikachu bday cake.

Photographer writes:

"had no idea where to stick we put them just like eyebrows.... "

Keywords; pokemon birthday cake

Great Blue & Greem Pokemon Cake

Ava's pokemon cake
Originally uploaded by bluecakecompany
Another great Pokemon cake!

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