Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dawn from Pokemon Halloween Costume (photo)

"Dawn", originally uploaded by Shopping Diva.

For the girl in your life that loves Pokemon. Easy to do--

Pink skirt
pink boots
long black socks
white tights (or warm tights for trick or treating!)
black sleeveless shirt (longer so you can cut the bottom edges into triangles as it done above).
Pink scarf
White hat plus PINK FELT to glue on to make the pokemon symbol

If your child had long hair, you'll just need some blue hairspray otherwise you can get a blue wig

Pokeball toy for extra effect.

That's it! An easy-to-do, DIY (do-it-yourself), homemade Pokemon halloween costume!

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JamesCraven said...

Hey, how do I post a photo of myself in a Pokemon costume?

Kelly said...

Do you have a flickr acct? That's usually where I link things from.

If not, post it on your blog and I'll link you up.

Anonymous said...

where do you get the boots? i am making the costume and i can't find boots that are pink.

The Barbers said...

Where do you get the boots? I am making the costume and I can't find boots that are pink and inexpensive?

Kelly said...

Target usually has these or famous footwear. They are basically faux-uggs. And super comfortable!

JamesCraven said...

Here's my blog:

The O Files.

I just posted a few pics on flickr as well of my new Jessie crossplay on


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